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Victoria Falls

Wildlife Trust

Responsible Tourism

We feel that it is imperative that the income derived from Tourism is paid in Zimbabwe and stays in Zimbabwe. This is the only way that governments can see the value of tourism, the value of the conservation of natural resources.

We take pride in the fact that we live and work in Zimbabwe and want to show that the tourism dollars we help generate – come back to the country to support those who need it most – the local people who work so hard at all the lodges and hotels to make your stay unforgettable, but also who work so hard to feed and send their kids to school!

We only support those lodges and hotels who share the same high environmental ethics that we aspire to. Who offer fair labour practices and who see the long term benefit of conservation and equal opportunity for all. Sustainable eco-tourism is the only real saviour of our natural environment- where animals and people benefit from one another.

All our partners are registered with the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority and all run their camps and operations to the highest of standards.

Environmental responsibilities

vfapuWithout protection, these fascinating destinations would be gone forever. The fauna and flora cannot protect themselves and do not have a voice that can be heard –It is up to every one of us to ensure that they are still there for our children and their children’s children too. Sub Saharan Africa is under dire threat from poaching and habitat loss and this is compounded by poor governance and lack of food.

If we sit back and do nothing it will all be gone in our lifetime, and the conservation areas that we so love and hold precious, will be shadows of their former glory. We at Travel Wild support the following organizations and urge our friends to join in and help too.

Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit (VFAPU) is a non profit unit set up by concerned individuals and like minded companies to try and control the poaching problem in The Zambezi National Park which surrounds Victoria Falls. To date they have collected in the region of 20 000 (yes twenty thousand) snares and have saved umpteen animals from certain death. VFAPU conduct patrols in the park and hence are a deterrent through their presence. Apart from the snares collected and poachers prosecuted, they have also saved countless animals which have been snared, found and nursed back to health. Discover Safari here in Victoria Falls offer clients the chance to go out with the scouts and help then on their morning activities and donate a portion of the safari directly to VFAPU. We at Travel Wild – match that amount for every one of our guests that take part.

It only takes 8 clients to pay for one scouts monthly wage!