The Delights of the Green Season

The ‘Green Season’  in Zimbabwe and Botswana generally runs from December through to April. January is normally the wettest month. This is a time when summer rains brings the bush to life. 
Cheetah in the Green Season. Image courtesy Somalisa Camp, Hwange
The green season is a great option for second-time visitors to Africa who want to experience something different. Areas like Hwange can look like an entirely different place from one season to the other and you get incredible savings for travelling at this time of year. During the green season,  travellers can have huge savings, especially on luxury lodges. Many also no longer charge a single supplement so if you are travelling solo the green season is the time to visit.
The rain usually comes in thunderstorms that don’t last for more than a couple of hours and tend to occur in the late afternoon. This makes it easy to schedule a safari in the morning most days and the weather is warm and sunny when it is not raining. The dramatic cloud formations and dark skies make the perfect backdrop for photography.
Grazing animals tend to have their young and you can expect to see baby impala and zebra in abundance. There is also the arrival of migratory birds from far away.  Animals are a far cry from the hardships of the dry winter months and are healthy with glossy coats and a relaxed attitude now food is so much easier to source.
Seeing the bush overflowing with life is  a tonic for body and soul. The bush is very thick, green and lush, and the long grass provides a rich source of nutrients for all manner of creatures. The lush foliage also makes game viewing trickier but it is all the more rewarding when you do spot something and given that there are less tourists at this time of year you are likely to have the sighting all to yourself!
Summer Storm in Hwange. Image by Sarah Kerr.

Top Pick for the Green Season: Hwange National Park

Hwange is well known for it’s vast herd of elephants which concentrate around water points in the dry season. However it is a little known secret that Hwange is one of the best green season destinations in southern Africa for game viewing.

the incomparable Ngamo Plains come to life as grazers gather to feast on the fresh grass shoots on the grasslands. Over the summer months you are guaranteed concentrations of wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, waterbuck, impala, kudu and even large herds of the rare eland.

These herds are of course followed by predators and if lucky you can have spectacular sightings of these too.

Contact us today for help in planning your trip. At this time of year location is especially important and we can make sure you are at the best place for game viewing and get you there for the best rate!

Malachite Kingfisher. Birding is at its best in the Green Season