Affordable Botswana and Zimbabwe

For authentic, uncrowded wild Africa there is nowhere better than Botswana or Zimbabwe. Boasting incredible large reserves and massive wildlife populations. However, there is a misconception that Zimbabwe and Botswana are unaffordable destinations. many travellers opting instead for the busyness of Kruger or the Masai Mara. 

The main myth is that only luxury or high-end options are available however this is completely untrue. Particularly in the past few years many excellent mid-range and even budget options have come to life and today no matter what your budget or preference is we can build a safari or holiday in Zimbabwe or Botswana.

Accommodation ranges from safari camps, safari lodges, camping safaris, hotels, bed & breakfasts, houseboats to even self-drive and self-catering facilities. We have decades of experience of living, working and travelling in Botswana and Zimbabwe.


  • Travel at the right time of year can greatly maximise your budget.  June to September is the peak season and thus more expensive. Instead, check out the ‘shoulder season’ (typically April/May and October/November) or even the green season (January to March). Camps can slash their rates by up to 40% and if you choose your location carefully, the game viewing is still incredible.
  • Personalised, first-hand knowledge is key to making sure that you are matched with the correct product for your price range and expectations. Using a local operator such as Travel Wild who are familiar with products of all budgets and which offer the best experience and can access the best available rates will ensure the best experience for your guests.
  • Try deals at new camps. Many new camps have a reduced rate introductory offer while they are not as well known. This is where local knowledge comes in handy!
  • Keep in mind that good value does not mean a lack of creature comforts, while you may not get the private plunge pools and butler service that has become common in lodges that charge thousands of dollars per night many affordable options offer incredible guiding, more than comfortable rooms (hot running water, central swimming pools, etc), great locations for wildlife viewing and much more

Get in touch for great deals and please be sure to let us know your budget and expectations when enquiring- there are so many great options and we want to make sure that we connect you to the correct one for you!