8 Reasons a Mobile Safari might be the Holiday you need.

1) A mobile safari is often an affordable safari

Mobile Safaris are generally less expensive than permanent camps. Despite this, they boast a string of other advantages, which can make them a preferable option for many travellers.  A lower cost per night can mean longer spent on safari, an advantage that cannot be overstated.

Lilac breasted Roller, image courtesy Ulinda Safaris.
Lilac breasted Roller, image courtesy Ulinda Safaris.

2) Your food will be wonderful.

You can expect fresh-baked bread every day, filter coffee, warm breakfast in the morning, a refreshing lunch, snacks and sundowners and home cooked, delicious dinner every day.

3) You will have one expert guide throughout and will form a relationship with them.

The advantage of a mobile safari with a private guide is that you get in-depth quality guiding that evolves throughout the trip – instead of going to a new guide at every lodge.  You travel with a guide, cook, and someone to set up tents, etc and can interact with all the staff  if you choose and learn about their culture.

4) You will stay in the wilderness and get to experience wildlife in an intimate, raw form.

Camping in the wilderness and being up close to elephants, lions, rhino, giraffe, buffalo and hyena, hippos, leopards and fantastic bird life is wonderful. Expert guides keep you safe and share their knowledge. Expect evening meals and chat around the fireside before you retreat to the safety of your tent and listen to a chorus of nights sounds unlike any you will have heard before.

Letaka Safaris en-suite tent.

5) Your holiday will benefit local people and have a low environmental impact.

As opposed to in permanent camps mobile safaris leave no trace whatsoever, with each wilderness site left exactly as you found when you leave each campsite. There is no electricity only solar lights; water consumption is kept very low as there is no running water. Food is bought locally and cooked over open fires! Guides, staff and polers are mostly local from surrounding villages. Having grown up in the bush their knowledge and understanding of the environment and animal behaviour is amazing – you are in very safe hands.

6) Daily Sundowners will become a favourite ritual and memory

Sipping a glass of wine, a juice or a gin and tonic while admiring a sunset in the Okavango Delta, or while watching a bull elephant wade across a river, is a priceless experience that will herald each day on safari’s end.

Luxury options are available. Image Wilderness Safaris

7) The stargazing is the best you’ll ever see!

With no light pollution and often the only light source for miles around the warm glow of a dozen lanterns illuminating a handful of cosy khaki tents. Above these, myriad sparkling stars light up the pitch-black night sky in an unreal show each evening.

8) The camp timings revolve around you!

Normally a mobile safari will involve just one wildlife-viewing vehicle, allowing you to stay out for as long as you like without having to worry about being late for meals. The intimacy of the operation gives you more flexibility allowing you to tailor trips to your interests.