Walking Safaris Most lodges offer walking activities –but some specialise in this activity, so if you are particularly interested in game viewing on foot ask us! We can select the lodges operators who specialise in this and put together a true walking experience. Most walks are not strenuous and can be adapted to suit all ages and fitness, however, they are not offered for children under 12. Experiencing Africa's wilderness areas is integral to most of our trips, and there's no better way than on foot. Walking safaris in Africa are completely different to game drives; being on foot brings about a totally new way of understanding your surroundings. Walking safaris were the original safari and remain the purest form. Away from the comfort of the 4WD safari vehicle your senses suddenly awaken as the bush becomes more ‘real’. Meeting animals on their terms as a participant in their world can be far more rewarding than just spectating. Canoeing Safaris Following in the footsteps of the original explorers, this is a true adventure! All kit is taken in the canoes with you, and you are accompanied by highly qualified river guides. Step back in time and see th Africa that so enthralled the explorers and adventurers of yesteryear. Canoe Safaris can take place in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa.

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